Mohamed Abbas

Researcher, Analyst, & Training Specialist

Alexandria, Egypt | +20-100-7500-290 | | LinkedIn | Github

Examined 2 million experiments for Ph.D., demonstrating research abilities. Built 25 technology projects showcasing programming skills using Python, C++, PHP, Visual Basic, and Flask. Ranked in the top 1% in Kaggle competitions (136/100k). Twice awarded Alexandria University awards for published research in reputable journals. Contributed to 70+ journal reviews for Elsevier. Taught over 4,000 students via online courses and conferences. Expert at extracting insights from data using Python, SQL, and Power BI.


Head of Planning, Organizing, and Information @ Egyptian Tax Authority (Aug 2000–Present)

  • Revamped existing processes and developed a new management process, resulting in a 30% increase in team efficiency
  • Reviewed tens of thousands of accounts over my career to spot trends, patterns, and insights in data.
  • Identified impactful findings through data analysis and visualization, boosting overall revenue by 20%.
  • Presented analysis conclusions and recommendations clearly to leadership.

Computer Instructor @ Egyptian Tax Authority (Oct 2019-present)

  • Designed training materials on Excel, Access, and IT for over 10,000 employees, demonstrating expertise in engaging adult learners.
  • Educated over 3,500 students worldwide via Udemy courses on Microsoft Excel, achieving a 4.5/5 average rating.
  • Delivered over 50 free educational sessions via Zoom and Udemy, reaching more than 5,000 learners on topics like MS Office, programming, and data analysis.


  • Ph.D. in Information Technology @ Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Alexandria (Seb 2015 – Feb 2022)

  • MSc in Computer Science @ Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alexandria (Seb 2008 – Feb 2012)

  • MBA in Financial Management @ Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Alexandria (Aug 2009 – Mar 2011)


  • DenMune (Python, Scikit-learn): Novel clustering algorithm contribution to Scikit-learn-Contrib. 160000+ uses, twice awarded by Alexandria University.

  • Number2Words (PHP): API that converts numbers to words in 13 languages, serving 500-1000 API calls daily.

  • Tarteel (Flask): Ayat Al-Quran Al-Kareem memorization web app.

  • ConnecTED English (Flask): Innovative English learning web app using TED.

Awards & Honors

  • Alexandria University Research Award (2022) - Granted for exceeding 30 Scopus citations since 2021, €5,000 prize

  • Alexandria University Research Excellence Award (2021) - Granted for research published in Pattern Recognition journal, €15,000 prize

  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate (2020) - Earned 10 distinct badges demonstrating data science abilities


  • Excellence in: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Python, PostgreSQL, C++, Cloud Computing, Jupyter notebook

  • Knowledgeable in Linux, JavaScript, PHP, and Web development

  • Experience working with statistical models, data mining, segmentation, clustering.

  • Knowledge of visualization tools like Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI to present data insights

  • Expertise in gathering, cleaning, and processing large, complex datasets

  • Data storytelling skills to present analyses in compelling ways

Volunteer Work

Recognized Reviewer @ Elsevier Information Sciences Journal (Jun 2019 – Present)

  • Completed 36 reviews INS Reviewer

Recognized Reviewer @ Elsevier Pattern Recognition Journal (Mar 2016 – Present)

  • Completed 28 reviews PR Reviewer


  • Excel Skills for Business, Macquarie University & Coursera (Nov 2019)

  • Data Science Professional, IBM & Coursera (Jan 2019)

  • TOT, National Training and Education, Professional Academy for Teachers, Egyptian Tax Authority, National Training and Education Council (Oct 2018)


Academic & Research


  • Github: Projects (I believe in Open Source)
  • Credly - Accreditations & badges
  • Kaggle - Data science profile
  • DataCamp - Data skills profile


Certified Trainer:

  • Egyptian Tax Authority
  • National Training and Education Council, PM/0120/12/18
  • National Education Network
  • Professional Academy for Teachers
  • Oxford Academy, Certified Associate Trainer, 31664001222020048CAT
  • Formative - Certified educator

IBM Badges

Data Science OrientationPython for Data Science and AITools for Data ScienceData Science Methodology

Databases and SQL for Data Science Data Analysis with PythonMachine Learning with PythonData Visualization with Python

Applied Data Science CapstoneData Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science

Academic Teaching

A number of DS & IS topics could be taught. These topics include but are not limited to:

  • Algorithms (Sorting, Search, Encryption and decryption, etc.)
  • Data Structure
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition
  • Database Design
  • MS Office, Power BI, SQL, Python, C++, Web Development
  • Programming Languages (C++, Python, JavaScript, VB, C#)
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Visualization (Power BI, Tableau)
  • Complexity Theory
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Problem-Solving

Scientific Rank

Scientific Rank

AD Scientific Index


  1. Abbas, M. A., El-Zoghabi, A., & Shoukry, A. (2023). PyMune: A Python package for complex clusters detection. Software Impacts, 17, 100564, doi:10.1016/j.simpa.2023.100564

  2. M. Abbas, A. El-Zoghabi, A. Shoukry, DenMune: Density peak based clustering using mutual nearest neighbors, Pattern Recognition 109 (2021) 107589, doi:10.1016/j.patcog.2020.107589

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