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August,14th 2023 pyMune: A Python package for complex clusters detection pulished in Elsevier Software Impacts Journal


June, 6th 2022

An image worth thousand of words. That is it. Enjoy the speed.

June, 6th 2022 allowed me to create my team on their powerful Edu Institution plan which allows unlimited number of learners. Thanks Replit. This step means a lot for me.

June, 6th 2022

I forked a JavaScript project on GitHub. This project suits perfectly my needs for a quiz framework. Thanks stevecopley, you did a really amazing quiz project which makes use of plain JavaScript and markdown.

May, 23th 2022

Deepnote approved my projects to be hosted for free under the educational plan. Deepnote is really a wonderful collaborative workspace to show and teach data science. you can join my first project at Deepnote to teach SQL at this link. Thank you Deepnote.

Feb, 7th 2022

README approved my API to be hosted for free on the paid plan. Thank you README. You can test the Number2Words API at

Feb, 3rd 2022

DenMune clustering algorithm is submitted to Scikit learn contribute to be part of SKlearn.

Acceptance still in progress

Jan, 1st 2022

I received my PhD degree in Information Technology, Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Alexandria University, Egypt. My published research


Nov, 3rd 2021

EGY1ST is served now using all recent technologies using

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